DFJ drive fuses

DFJ North American High Speed Fuse

The Bussmann® series of DFJ high speed, current-limiting fuses are UL Listed Class J fuses.

They provide maximum protection for AC and DC drives and controllers and meet NEC® branch circuit protection requirements.

The DFJ drive fuse has the lowest I2t of any branch circuit fuse to protect power semiconductor devices that utilize diodes, GTOs, SCRs and SSRs.


Data sheet no. 1048

Agency cards

High speed fuse application guide no. 10507

DFJ UL branch circuit Class J high speed fuse catalog numbers
DFJ-1 DFJ-15 DFJ-70 DFJ-225
DFJ-2 DFJ-20 DFJ-80 DFJ-250
DFJ-3 DFJ-25 DFJ-90 DFJ-300
DFJ-4 DFJ-30 DFJ-100 DFJ-350
DFJ-5 DFJ-35 DFJ-110 DFJ-400
DFJ-6 DFJ-40 DFJ-125 DFJ-450
DFJ-8 DFJ-45 DFJ-150 DFJ-500
DFJ-10 DFJ-50 DFJ-175 DFJ-600
DFJ-12 DFJ-60 DFJ-200