British BS 88 Fuse Accessories - MAI and MBI

British BS 88 Fuse Accessories - MAI

Microswitch Adadpter - MAI and MBI

We offer a microswitch, complete with adapter for securing the indicator. The microswitch is provided with double pole, single throw contacts, having both a normally open and a normally closed position. A special material has been employed in the construction of the adapter to provide reliable operation in the range of temperatures associated with standard operating conditions and during fuse operation.

MAI - back terminal orietation

MBI - side terminal orientation

Catalog details

High speed fuse application guide no. 10507

Microswitch and Adapter Type MAI and MBI

 Current Rating:

  AC 50/60Hz resistive load @ 250V RMS = 4 A

  AC 50/60Hz resistive load @ 127V RMS = 6A

  DC, resistive load @ 110Vdc = 0.7 A DC

  DC, resistive load @ 30Vdc = 2 A DC

 Maximum Working Voltage:  Contact-to-contact (RMS) = 1000 V

  Contact-to-contact (RMS) = 1500 V

 Maximum DC Volts: = 110 V DC