British BS 88 Fuse Accessories - Indicator System

British BS 88 Fuse Accessories -Trip-Indicators

Trip indicators

Trip indicators are available for use in parallel with the main fuse (Fuse ratings of 20 A and below cannot usually accommodate a trip-indicator).

They can either be attached to the associated fuse or mounted separately in panel mounted fuse clips (reference CL1).

A push-on adapter and microswitch attachment is available for use with the trip indicator to give the facility of remote indication (reference MAI [back termination] and MBI [side termination]).

When a trip indicator is to be attached to the main fuse an accessory pack comprising a pair of mounting clips and an appropriate trip indicator would be required. The clips are snapped onto the fuse end caps and the indicator is pressed into clips as shown.

Catalog details

High speed fuse application guide no. 10507

CL1 panel mount clips

CL1 panel mount fuse clips are available for mounting a trip indicator when mounting directly on the fuse is impractical.

Order part number CL1.

Electrical specifications

 Type  T1500  T1700
  Maximum RMS voltage   500   700
  Maximum Peak voltage   700   1000
  Maximum DC voltage   130   350
  Cold resistance (ohms)   0.3   0.45
  Maximum permissible steady-state current   1.5A   1.5A
  Interrupting capacity (RMS Sym.)   10,000   100,000
  Pre-Arcing I2t   23   23

Fuse indicator kits

 Kit ref.


 RMS volts

 For use with fuse ref.




Fuse mount indicator kits
(includes one indicator and two clips)

  250   LET
  MC250   250   LMT and LMMT
  EC-600   660   FE, FEE and ET
  MC600   660   FM and FMM
  MC700   700   MT and MMT