SL and TL

SL and TL Fuse Series

Time-delay, loaded link plug fuse



Data Sheet #1033 (SL)

Data Sheet #1035 (TL)

Agency Cards

Catalog Number SL-_ , TL-_
Dimensions SL — Rejection base, TL — Edison base
Volts 125Vac
Amps 15-30A
IR 10kA RMS Sym.
Agency Information CE, Std. 248-11, UL Listed, Guide JEFV, File E12112
Typical Applications • Small motor and inductive load circuits with high in-rush current levels. • Used with box cover units to provide equipment protection. • Applications benefiting from fuse rejection (SL Series only)
Construction SL — Plastic base with rejection threads TL — Brass threads with plastic body


  • Time-delay loaded link TL Series Edison base plug fuses pass motor overload starting currents without opening and allow closer sizing to motor load for added protection
  • Time-delay loaded link SL Series fuses provide a rejection feature (when used alone or with Fustat adapters to retrofit Edison base holders) to help prevent overfusing