KRP-C-SP Low-Peak

Ultimate Protection 600Vac/300Vdc, 601-6000A, Time-Delay Fuses

Class L dual element, current-limiting, time-delay fuses. Time-delay – 4 seconds (minimum) at 500% of rated current.

Low-Peak Class L time-delay fuse in ratings from 601 to 6000 amps. Time-delay four (4) seconds (minimum) at 500% rated amps allows closer sizing on large motor loads combined with Class L current limitation.

Selective coordination ratio of 2:1 within the Low-Peak family (LPJ Class J, LPN 250V Class RK1, LPS 600V Class RK1) prevents electrical shutdowns from extending beyond the failed circuit.

300kA RMS Sym. Interrupting rating provides adequate ratings without obsolesence for virtually all electrical systems big and small.

Data Sheet #1008 (601-2000A)

Data Sheet # 1009 (2001-6000A)

Product Change Notice - fuse labeling

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RoHS compliant

Catalog Number (Amps)
KRP-C-601SP KRP-C-1000SP KRP-C-1800SP KRP-C-3500SP
KRP-C-650SP KRP-C-1100SP KRP-C-1900SP KRP-C-3800SP
KRP-C-700SP KRP-C-1200SP KRP-C-2000SP KRP-C-4000SP
KRP-C-750SP KRP-C-1350SP KRP-C-2001SP KRP-C-4500SP
KRP-C-800SP KRP-C-1400SP KRP-C-2400SP KRP-C-5000SP
KRP-C-801SP KRP-C-1500SP KRP-C-2500SP KRP-C-6000SP
KRP-C-900SP KRP-C-1600SP KRP-C-3000SP