JKS Limitron

Advanced protection 600Vac, 1-600A, fast-acting fuses

Class J current-limiting, fast-acting fuses.

Data sheet No. 1026 (1-60)

Data sheet No. 1027 (70-600)

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Catalog Number JKS-_
Dimensions See Data Sheets # 1026 (1-60A) & 1027 (70-600A)
Volts 600Vac
Amps 1-600A
IR 200kA Vac RMS Sym
Agency Information - CE
- UL Listed, Std. 248-8, Class J, Guide JDDZ, File E4273
- CSA Certified, Class 1422-02, File 53787
Typical Applications - Power Panelboards
- Machinery Disconnects


  • Current limitation for non-inductive circuits provides Class J current-limiting response to maximum ground fault and short-circuit conditions
  • 200kA interrupting rating provides high ratings at all circuit locations
  • Economical solutions for high-fault circuits