Fast-acting CUBEFuse

Fast Acting CUBEFuse Class CF Fuse

Fast-Acting CUBEFuse for UPS & Critical Applications

True, finger-safe fast-acting fuse construction delivers faster response to damaging faults to help reduce destructive thermal and magnetic forces.

Ideally suited for protecting Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and other critical applications that benefit from fast-acting fuse protection.

Data Sheet #2147

Product Profile #3183

CUBEFuse Holders Data Sheet #9007

Agency Cards

Catalog Symbol FCF_RN
Dimensions See Data Sheet #2147
Volts 600Vac/dc (600Vdc applications require using TCFH_N holders only)
Amps 1-100A
Interrupting Rating -
1 to 60 Amps
300kA RMS Sym. (UL),
200kA RMS Sym. (CSA),
50kA DC (UL & CSA)
Interrupting Rating -
70 to 100 Amps
200kA RMS Sym. (UL),
200kA RMS Sym. (CSA),
50kA DC (UL & CSA)
Agency Information UL Listed Fuse: Guide JFHR, File E4273,
CSA Certified Fuse: Class 1422- 02, File 53787
CE compliance for the European Union low voltage directive
RoHS compliant
Storage & Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C


  • Fast-acting protection specifically for UPS and other critical applications
  • Finger-safe fuses minimize exposure to live parts, reducing hazard to personnel
  • Integral use with Compact Circuit Protector (CCP_CF) or CUBEFuse holder (TCFH_N) minimizes panel space
  • Minimizes incident energy and reduces arc flash hazards utilizing Class J electrical characteristics
  • Mountable in Cooper Bussmann QSCP for easy installation in the industry’s smallest fusible panel board