13⁄32˝ x 2˝ 600Vac Actuator

Catalog symbol / color code

KAZ - Black (600Vac max actuator)

The KAZ is a non-fuse actuator (not a fuse) for use in parallel with a 50 amp or greater fuse to provide indication a fuse has opened by opening at 10 or more amps.

The KAZ can also be applied in a 1-, 2- or 3-pole block with miniature signaling switches to provide remote status indication.

  • Connects in parallel with fuses having a rating of 50 amps or more
  • Opens at 10A or more
  • Use with Bussmann signal blocks to actuate a miniature switch that closes a signal circuit when the KAZ pin indicator ejects upon opening
  • Gives a direct visual indication of an open fuse by ejected (spring actuated) pin
  • UL Listed as “fuse accessory”
  • Mounts in Bussman signal blocks 2778 (1-pole), 2837 (2-pole) and 2838 (3-pole)

Data Sheet # 2021

Agency Cards

Catalog Number KAZ
Dimensions 13⁄32” x 2” (10.3 x 50.8mm)
Volts 600Vac
Amps None - this is an actuator
IR 200kA
Agency Information - CE
- UL Listed, Guide JDVS, File E58836
Typical Applications - Large shunt-trip fused switches
- Fuse-protected circuits rated 50 amps or more with shunt-trip devices