GLD Pin Indicator Fuse

Fast-acting, pin indication fuse



Data Sheet #2012

Agency Cards

Catalog Number GBA-_, GLD-_
Dimensions 1⁄4” x 1 1⁄4” (6.6 x 31.7mm) 3AG
Volts See Agency Information
Amps 1⁄2-15A
IR See Agency Information
Agency Information CE, Std. 248- 14, UL Listed, 0-5A/125Vac, 10,000 AIC, Guide JDYX, File E19180, UL Recognized, 6A/125Vac, 1000AIC 8-15A/50Vac/dc, 300 AIC Guide JDYX2, File E19180, CSA Certified: 0-5A/125Vac, 10,000 AIC Class 1422-01, File 53787
Typical Applications • Control Circuits • Electronic Circuits


  • Type GBA has a “red” pin indicator providing visual identification of failed circuits, resulting in faster troubleshooting (reduced circuit downtime)
  • Type GLD has a plated pin to activate transmitting a electrical signal to indicate the location of opened circuits, resulting in reduced downtime