KTQ Fast Acting Midget Fuse

Fast-acting supplementary fuse

This fuse family was discontinued, effective July 31, 2013.

The recommended replacement fuse is the BBS Series.

End-of-Life letter and recommended replacement fuses

KTQ data sheet No. 2045

BBS data sheet No. 2010

BBS product detail page

Agency cards

Catalog Number KTQ-_
Dimensions 13⁄32” x 13⁄8” (10.3 x 34.9mm)
Volts 600Vac
Amps 1-6A
IR 10kA RMS Sym.
Agency Information CE, Std. 248-14, UL Recognized, 4-6A, Guide JDYX2, File E19180
Typical Applications • Control Circuits • Lighting Ballasts • Meter Circuits
Construction Fiber cartridge


  • Low cost supplemental protection of non-inductive circuits
  • Rated for application in circuits at 600V or less
  • Reduced interchangeability with other supplemental fuses minimizes misapplication