13⁄32˝ x 1-1/2˝ 250Vac Fast-acting supplemental fuses

Catalog symbol – color code

BAF - Green (250Vac max 1/4 to 30A)

For superior protection, Bussmann recommends upgrading to Low-Peak™ Class CC fuses. See data sheet # 1023.

Data Sheet #2011

Agency Cards

*All have interrupting rating of 10,000A at 125V.

Catalog numbers (amps)
BAF-1⁄4 BAF-1-8⁄10 BAF-6 BAF-12
BAF-1⁄2 BAF-2 BAF-6-1⁄4 BAF-15
BAF-6⁄10 BAF-2-1⁄2 BAF-7 BAF-20
BAF-8⁄10 BAF-3 BAF-8 BAF-25
BAF-1 BAF-4 BAF-9 BAF-30
BAF-1-1⁄2 BAF-5 BAF-10