K and UH

250Vac and 600Vac

Cable limiters are intended to provide short-circuit protection to electrical systems, typically between the transformer and service entrance. Should a short-circuit occur, the cable limiter removes the affected cable(s) from service and permits the other conductors to continue delivering power.

Cable limiters are often used in utility low voltage networks and large multi-cable per phase service entrances.

Unlike fuses, cable limiters are selected by cable size rather than amperage, e.g., a “4/0” limiter will carry the current of a 4/0 cable.

Limiters are stable, totally self-contained, static devices with unchanging characteristics that operate without venting of ionized gases or explosive action.

Under high short-circuit conditions, limiters cut off fault currents within one-half cycle (0.008 seconds) and reduce insulation damage from the immense heat that is developed by sustained fault current flow. They confine damage to the point of the short-circuit and stop long-length cable burn-back and striking of multiple arcs to minimize damage to or eliminate damage to adjacent conductors.

Data sheet no. 1042

Product profile no. 3129

Agency cards

Catalog Number K-_, UHA, UHJ-_
Dimensions See Data Sheet # 1042
Volts - 250Vac (UH_)
- 600Vac (K_)
Amps Cable limiters are sized by the conductor size
IR 200kA RMS Sym. @ 600Vac on select 600Vac limiters
Agency Information KCD, KCJ, KCM, KCR, KDM, KDR, KDP and KFM cable limiters are UL Listed under File E90818 for only copper conductors.
Typical Applications - 250Vac UH cable limiters are deisnged specifically for use in residentail applications
- 600Vac K cable limiters are designed for use on non-residential 277/480, 120/208 and 120/240 volt systems
Terminal Types - Tube-to-tube
- Tube-to-offset bolt
- Compression rod-to-tube
- Center bolt-to-offset bolt
Conductors - 250Vac center bolt-to-offset bolt - copper or aluminum
- 600Vac tube-to-tube - copper only
- 600Vac tube-to-offset bolt - copper only
- 600Vac compression rod-to-tube - copper only
- 600Vac center bolt-to-offset bolt - copper or aluminum


  • Cable limiters enhance multi-conductor system reliability by isolating faulted conductors and taking them offline while the balance of the conductors continue delivering power to their circuits. This is why cable limiters are often used in utility low voltage networks and large multi-cable per phase service entrances.
  • Cable limiters enhance service entrance conductor short-circuit protection with currentlimiting performance that exceed the typical protection offered by utility overcurrent protective devices.
  • Cable limiters meet many system requirements with 250Vac or 600Vac ratings for conductor sizes from 12AWG to 1000kcmil and terminal options available that make them easy to install including: tube-to-tube (crimp), tube-to-bolt (crimp/bolt-in), compression rod-to-tube (crimp) and bolt-to-offset bolt (bolt-in) options.
  • Select cable limiters are UL Listed under File E90818 for use on 600V circuit for the protection of faults up to 200kA.