32V, 1-40A, Fast-Acting

A range of UL Recognized fast-acting ATC blade fuses for automotive and low-voltage control circuits.



Data Sheet #2009

Catalog Number ATC-_
Dimensions See Data Sheet # 2009
Volts 32Vdc
Amps 1-40A
IR 1kA
Agency Information - UL Recognized File E56412, Guide JFHR2, UL 248-1 (1-40A)
- ISO 8820-3 / SAE J1284 / JASO 612 (1-40A)
- SAE J1171 (Ignition Protection) (1-4A, 35-40A)
- RoHS Compliant
- Lead-free
- Halogen free
Materials - Terminals — Tin-plated zinc
- Element — Tin-plated zinc
- Housing:
— 1-4A Polycarbonate, UL 94 Flammability Rating
— 5-30A Polyamide, UL 94 Flammability Rating
— 35A Polysulfone, UL 94 Flammability Rating
— 40A Polyethersulfone, UL 94 Flammability Rating
Environmental - Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 100°C, 95% RH non-condensing
- Storage Temperature Range -5°C to 35°C or lower, 85% RH non-condensing
Typical Applications - Automotive
- Low voltage control circuits

Recommended Fuse Panels, Holders and Fuseclips

Part No. Description Max Amps Lead Wire Length/Size
15600-_-20 ATC Fuse panel in 4- to 20-poles 20A
HHC Yellow, water resistant in-line fuse holder 20A 2x4”/#16
HHD Black, heavy-duty in-line fuse holder 30A 2x4”/#12
HHF Black, in-line fuse holder w/cover 20A 2x4”/#14
HHG Black, heavy-duty in-line fuse holder w/cover 30A 2x4”/#12
HHR Heavy-duty, water resistant in-line fuse holder 30A 2x5”/#12
BP/HHS-RP Self-stripping in-line fuse holder 20A #18 to #14
BP/HHA-RP Add-A-Circuit Tap 10A N/A
ATC-FHID Illuminating in-line fuse holder 20A 2x6”/#16
1A5600* PCB Fuseclip 20A
1A5780* PCB Fuseclip 15A
* See Data Sheet # 2131 for details.  

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