HPS2 Panel Mounted Fuse Holders for 13⁄32 x 1 1⁄2 Fuses

HPS2 Panel Mounted Fuse Holders for 13⁄32 x 1 1⁄2 Fuses

For fuse size 13⁄32" x 11⁄2", meeting UL 1598 requirement that both poles be removed simultaneously



Data Sheet #2140

Agency Cards

Catalog Number HPS2, BK/HPS2
Dimensions See Resources Tab
Volts 600V@30A
Amps 0-30A(1)
Agency Information UL 4248 recognized, (Guide IZLT2, File E14853), CSA certified: (Class 6225-01, File 47235)
Flammability Rating UL 94V0.


  • When insulated terminals are required, 1-1/4” diameter shrink wrap to be used
  • No tension on line (rear) terminal allowed
  • 90º clockwise rotation to lock fuse carrier in body

Maximum panel thickness, mounting flange in front of panel

Assumes Pollution Degree 3 per UL 840:

Conductive pollution, or dry, nonconductive pollution that becomes conductive due to condensation that is expected

Thicker panels may be used if fuse holder load terminal is fully insulated, using a UL recognized (VW-1) insulative heat-shrink tubing, or if anticipated environment is of Pollution Degree 1 or 2, or if panel is nonconductive. Pollution Degree 2- Normally, only nonconductive pollution. However, a temporary conductivity caused by condensation may be expected. Pollution Degree 1- No pollution or only dry, nonconductive pollution. The pollution has no influence

Maximum panel thickness, mounting flange behind the panel: 5.08mm/0.200Ó (flush to knob collar)