Optima Three-pole Overcurrent Protection Module

Optima® Three-pole Overcurrent Protection Module

OPM-NG-SC3: 3-pole Class CC fuse holder for use with Class CC fuses (Cooper Bussmann Types LP-CC, FNQ-R, KTK-R)
OPM-NG-SM3: 3-pole fuse holder for use with 13⁄32” x 11⁄2” and 10.3 x 38mm fuses (Cooper Bussmann Types: 13⁄32” x 11⁄2”; KTK, FNQ, KLM, 10 x 38mm; FWA, FWC, C10G_ _, C10M_ _)



Data Sheet #1109

Agency Cards

Catalog Number OPM-NG-
Dimensions See Resources
Volts OPM-NG-SC3: 600Vac (or less), OPM-NG-SM3: 600Vac (or less) UL and CSA 30A, OPM-NG-SM3: 690Vac (or less) IEC 32A
Amps OPM-NG-SC3: 0-30A, OPM-NG-SM3: 0-30A
SCCR OPM-NG-SC3: 200kA, OPM-NG-SM3: Same as fuse IR, 200kA maximum
Agency Information CE, UL; OPM-NG-SC3 UL Listed, UL 4248, File E14853, Guide IZLT. OPM-NG-SM3, UL Recognized, UL 4248, File E14853, Guide IZLT2. CSA Certified, C22.2 No. 4248, Class 6225-01, File 47235. IEC 60947-3 Utilization Category AC20B
Typical Applications • Mass Produced Control Systems • Process Control Systems • Automated Warehouse Systems • Individual Control Circuits
Fuse Holder Wire Range 75°Cu Only, #18-12 Single/Dual, torque 15lb-in, #10-8 Single/Dual, torque 20lb-in, Dual wire with same gauge and type
Fuse Pullers • PF1 (standard) • neon or incandescent bulb


  • 45mm width matches IEC starters
  • 35mm DIN rail or panel mounting feature. Maximum screw size #8 (M4)
  • Pressure plate terminations with dual-wire rated terminals (see Wire Table) and optional auxiliary contacts
  • Integrated collapsible handle and fuse carrier cannot be removed from holder base
  • Padlockable and IP20 finger-safe to IEC60529
  • Handling & Storage Temp: 10° to 65°C