SAMI™ Fuse Covers

SAMI™ Fuse Covers

Indicating and non-indicating fuse covers for Class J, RK1, RK5, H, K5, CC, G (0-30A) and midget-type fuses.Indicating feature requires a minimum of 90Vac or 115Vdc to illuminate lamp. One cover required for each pole.



Data Sheet #1204

Agency Cards

Catalog Number SAMI-_ _
Dimensions See Resources
Volts Non-Indicating, 0-600Vac/dc, Indicating - 90 to 600Vac, 115 to 600Vdc
Amps 0-100A
Agency Information CE, UL Listed; SAMI-1I through SAMI-6I, SAMI-8I and SAMI-9I, SAMI-1N through SAMI-6N, SAMI-8N and SAMI-9N, UL Recognized; SAMI-7I and SAMI-7N, CSA Certified, File LR47235-93C.
Typical Applications • Class H, R and J fuse blocks up to 100A • Class T fuse blocks up to 60A • Class CC, G and Midget, 30A fuse blocks
Poles 1- to 3-Poles, See Catalog Numbers table on the following page


  • Insulated cover allows field conversion of fuses mounted in open fuse blocks to dead front configuration
  • Optional open fuse indicating light aids in system troubleshooting
  • Units are re-usable
  • Allows visual marking of line and load side of fuses