BG and G

BG & G Series Class CC, Type M and Class G Fuse Blocks

Fuse blocks for use with Class G fuses (Bussmann SC)

Data Sheet #1106

Agency Cards

Catalog Number BG301_SQ, BG302_SQ, BG303_S, BG301_PQ, BG302_PQ, BG303_P, BG301_B, BG302_B, BG303_B, G30060--C, G30060-_CR
Volts - 600Vac/dc (0-20A)
- 480Vac/dc (25-60A)
Amps 1-60A
Withstand rating 100kA RMS Sym.
Agency Information CE, UL Listed 35-60A (Guide IZLT, File E14853), UL Recognized 1-30A, (Guide IZLT2, File E14853), CSA (Class 6225-01, File 47235)


Class G fuse blocks for use with Class G fuses (Cooper Bussmann SC)