BCM Class CC modular fuse blocks

600V 1-, 2- and 3-pole modular fuse blocks for Class CC fuses

Modular style fuse blocks for use with Class CC fuses.

These new Bussmann series fuse blocks contain multiple features to add versatility, reduce labor and enhance safety of any panel design.

1-, 2-, 3-pole units factory assembled.

Single-pole units snap together to create desired number of poles.

Data sheet No. 10241

Product profile No. 10307

Drawing downloads (PDF, DXF/DWG, IGS, STEP)

Catalog numbers
Terminal type


Fuse class
#10-32 Phil-slot screw Screw with quick connect* Pressure plate  Pressure plate with
quick connect*
Box lug
BCM603-1S BCM603-1SQ BCM603-1P BCM603-1PQ BCM603-1C 1 CC
BCM603-2S BCM603-2SQ BCM603-2P BCM603-2PQ BCM603-2C 2 CC
BCM603-3S BCM603-3SQ BCM603-3P BCM603-3PQ BCM603-3C 3 CC
BCCMM603-3SQ BCCMM603-3PQ 3 3-Pole control circuit transformer block
2-pole CC with 1-pole 10x38 (13/32”x1-½”)
*1/4" Quick Connect terminals rated for 20A maximum
Recommended covers*
Terminal type
Cover part numbers
Indicating Non-indicating
Screw/quick connect (SQ) CVRI-CCM-QC  CVR-CCM-QC
Pressure plate (P)  CVRI-CCM CVR-CCM
Pressure plate/quick connect (PQ) CVRI-CCM-QC  CVR-CCM-QC
* For use with 4AWG max conductors.