MDQ Series Dual-Element, Time-Delay,1⁄4" x 1 1⁄4" Glass Tube Fuse Fuses

Dual-element, time-delay fuse



Data Sheet #2044

Agency Cards

Catalog Number MDQ-V (axial leads) MDQ
Dimensions 1⁄4˝ x 1 1⁄4˝ (6.4 x 31.7mm)
Volts 250Vac (1⁄100-7A), 32Vac (71⁄2-15A)
Amps 1⁄100-15A
IR 35A (1⁄100-1A @ 250Vac), 100A (11⁄4-3A @ 250Vac), 200A (4-7A @ 250Vac), 1000A (71⁄2-12A @ 32Vac)
Agency Information Std. 248-14, UL Listed, File E19180; Guide JDYX, 1⁄16-7A CSA Certification, File 47233, Class 1422-01, 1⁄16 -7A, UL Recognized, Guide JDYX2, File E19180, 7.1-30A
Typical Applications Electronic Relay and Control Circuits
Construction Glass tube with nickel-plated brass endcaps


  • Dual-element design allows closer sizing to inductive circuits than any other fuses

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