UL 98 Non-Fused Disconnect Switches


UL 98 Non-Fused Rotary Disconnect Switches—30 to 1200A

Bussmann series UL 98 non-fused rotary disconnect switches are versatile switches that “break” and “make” power circuits ON and OFF load.


  • Make and break power under load
  • Up to 200kA SCCR
  • DIN-Rail or panel mount (30-100A)
  • Disconnect switches are front, right side and direct handle operable (30-100A)
  • Finger-safe (30-100A)
  • Fully visualized breaking (100-1200A)

Product profile no. 10048

Full line catalog no. 1007, Section 11, Disconnect Switches

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Frequnetly Asked Questions (FAQs) # 10075

Volts • 600Vac
• 250Vdc (select models)
Amps 30-1200A
Agency Information • UL98, Guide WHTY, File E155130
• CSA 22.2 No. 4, File 257020
• Conforms with IEC 60947-3
Switch Dependent
• Direct Mount
• Selector
• Pistol
• Switched 4th Poles
• Auxiliary Contacts
• Terminal Shrouds
• Terminal Lugs