Compact Circuit Protector (CCP_CF) CUBEFuse

The revolutionary Bussmann series CCP with CUBEFuse is 2/3 the footprint of traditional fusible switch and provides a high 200kA AC SCCR that can help increase assembly SCCR.

CCP product profile no. 3191

CCP data sheet no. 1157

CCPB product profile no. 10270

CCPB data sheet no. 1161

CCD non-fused disconnect data sheet no. 10004

Full line catalog no. 1007, Section 11, Disconnect Switches

Application note no. 7038

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Catalog Number CCP-(poles)-30CF Up to 30A Class CF CUBEFuse, CCP-(poles)-60CF Up to 60A Class CF CUBEFuse, CCP-(poles)-100CF Up to 100A Class CF CUBEFuse
Dimensions, volts, amps See data sheet No. 1157
Agency information - UL 98 Listed, File E302370, Guide WHTY
- cULus to CSA Standard 22.2 No. 4-04, File 302370, Guide WHTY7
- CE compliant
- RoHS complaint
Ratings • Box Lug Connection: 18-6 AWG single or dual rated, solid or stranded – 75°C or higher - Cu only, 4 AWG single – 75°C or higher - Cu only.
• Fork Terminal Connection: Max. 30A suitable for use with #8-32 UNC screw.
• Box Lug and fork terminal suitable for line, load or accessory connection.
• Torque 0-60A: 18-10 AWG 20 lb-In, 8-4 AWG 35 lb-In.
• Torque 100A: 18-10 AWG Single 25 lb-In, 8-2 AWG Single 35 lb-In, 1 AWG Single 40 lb-In, 6 AWG Dual 45 lb-In
• Lockout/tag out: 4mm shank lock or standard pin-out devices.
• 35mm DIN rail mount.
• Local indication minimum operating voltage: 90Vac/115Vdc.
Environmental data Storage and operating temperature: -20ºC to 75ºC, for fuse performance under or above 25ºC, consult fuse performance derating charts in the Cooper Bussmann publication titled Selecting Protective Devices (SPD) reorder #3002.
Operating temperature range -20ºC to +75ºC (for operation over or above 25ºC, consult fuse derating tables)


  • Uses finger-safe Class CF CUBEFuse with Class J performance
  • Extremely compact design at 25.4mm (1 inch) wide per pole
  • High Short-Circuit Current Ratings at 200kA
  • Disconnect rated to provide means for load isolation
  • Full voltage rated at 600Vac
  • UL 98 Listed and suitable for branch circuit disconnect and branch circuit protection
  • 1-, 2- and 3-pole versions are horsepower rated
  • Complies with UL and CSA
  • Open Fuse Indication:

    - Local fuse indication lights* are standard

    - Optional wired remote open fuse indication can be utilized to signal a PLC and open a contactor to de-energize all phases, if required

  • Additional open fuse indication can be provided by the CUBEFuse
  • IP20 finger-safe construction with 10 AWG wire or larger
  • Built-in switch interlock capability prohibits removing the fuse under load
  • Padlockable handle for lockout/tag out procedures

*Circuit must be closed for indication light to illuminate