30-100 A CCP for Class CF CUBEFuse

Now with rotary operators and multi-wire lug kits

The revolutionary Bussmann™ series Compact Circuit Protector (CCP) for Class CF Low-Peak™ CUBEFuse™ delivers the smallest footprint compared to any Class J disconnect solution — requiring up to 51% less space.

The CCP is a UL® 98 Listed fused, branch-circuit disconnect that packs up to a 200 kA short-circuit current rating (SCCR) at 600 V to help increase equipment SCCR. These high ratings and compact design make the CCP ideal for industrial control panels, machinery and HVAC applications.


Power of Space brochure no. 10820

CCP product profile no. 10809

CCP data sheet no. 10801

Enclosed CCP product profile no. 10899

Enclosed CCP data sheet no. 10889

Application note no. 7038

CUBEFuse product profile no. 3083

CUBEFuse data sheet no. 9000

FAQs no. 10825

UL 508A panel shop circuit protection solutions no. 10914

Install sheets

CCPB product profile no. 10270

CCPB data sheet no. 1161

CCD2 non-fused disconnect data sheet no. 10004

Legacy CCP data sheet no. 1157

Legacy CCP-CF end of life notice and recommended replacements

Legacy CCPB-CF end of life notice and recommended replacements

Catalog Number CCP2-(poles)-(30/60/100)CF switch, CCP2R-(poles)-(30/60/100)CF right front rotary operated switch, CCP2RL-(poles)-(30/60/100)CF left front rotary operated switch, CCP2S-(poles)-(30/60/100)CF right side rotary operated switch, CCP2SL-(poles)-(30/60/100)CF left side rotary operated switch
Dimensions, volts, amps See data sheet no. 10801
Agency information - UL 98 Listed, Guide WHTY, File E302370
- cULus to Canadian Standard 22.2 No. 4-04, Guide WHTY7, File 302370
- RoHS compliant
Lugs - Single/dual wire box lugs on switch
- 3-port multi-wire lug kit (30 and 60 A switches)
- 6-port multi-wire lug kit (100 A switches)
See data sheet no. 10801 for conductor types, sizes and torques
Environmental data Storage and operating temperature: -20ºC to 75ºC, for fuse performance under or above 25ºC, consult fuse performance derating charts in the Cooper Bussmann publication titled Selecting Protective Devices (SPD) reorder #3002.
Operating temperature range -20ºC to +75ºC (for operation over or above 25ºC, consult fuse derating tables)
Accessories - Selector and pistol handles and shafts for rotary operation
- 3-port and 6-port multi-wire lug kits with terminal shrouds
- PLC fuse monitor
- Auxiliary contacts
- Terminal shrouds


  • Footprint 1/2 the space required by traditional fusible switches saves valuable panel space
  • Rotary operated versions provide through-the-door and through-the-side operation flexibility for enhanced safety
  • Multi-wire lug kit with terminal shrouds reduces wire connection and control panel components by allowing for power distribution to multiple loads
  • Optional selector and pistol handles available for use with rotary operated versions
  • Built-in switch interlock prohibits removing the fuse under load
  • Standard open fuse indication speeds troubleshooting
  • 1/4" lockout/tagout provision enhances safety
  • Straight voltage rated for application flexibility

Installation sheets

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