Low Profile Compact Circuit Protector

UL Class G, CC, midget and IEC 10x38mm aM/gG fused disconnect switches

The revolutionary Bussmann series Low Profile Compact Circuit Protector (CCPLP) fused disconnect switch is available in 1-, 2- and 3-pole versions for UL Class CC (up to 30A), Class G (20A), 13/32”x1- 1/2” midget UL (up to 30A) and IEC 10x38 aM/gG (up to 32A) fuses.

The CCPLP has the smallest footprint of any UL 98 Listed fused disconnect switch with up to a 200kA SCCR to help improve equipment SCCR.

Class G and CC versions are easy to selectively coordinated with upstream CUBEFuses™ using published fuse ampacity ratio tables.

Unique panel mounting permits easy integration into many panel designs and provides a high SCCR alternative to low profile circuit breakers on the market.

Product profile No. 10402

Data sheet No. 10372

Data center application note No. 10079

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Catalog Number CCPLP-(poles)-(amps)G (Class G fuses), CCPLP-(poles)-30CC (Class CC fuses), CCPLP-(poles)-30M (midget and IEC 10x38C fuses)
Volts - 600 Class G and CC
- 240 UL midget
- 400, 500, 550 10x38 (fuse ampacity dependent)
Amps - 20 Class G
- 30 Class CC
- 30 UL midget
- 32 IEC 10x38
SCCR - 100kA Class G
- 200kA Class CC
- 10kA UL midget
- 120kA 10x38 IEC
Impulse voltage 8kV
Poles 1-, 2- and 3-pole versions available for each fuse type
Agency information Class G fuse versions
- UL 98 Listed, Guide WHTY
- IEC 60947-3 AC-23A
Class CC fuse versions
- UL 98 Listed, Guide WHTY
- cULus to CSA Standard 22.2 No. 4-04, File 302370, Guide WHTY7
- IEC 60947-3 AC-23A
UL midget and 10x38 IEC fuse versions
- cULus Listed to CSA 22.2 No. 14-05
- UL 508 Listed, File E320230, Guide NRNT
- IEC 60947-3 AC-23A
Terminals and conductors - Screw terminal - #10-32 phil-slot screw with external tooth lock washer — use with properly rated/UL Listed ring or fork terminal
- Pressure plate terminal - #10-32 phil-slot screw — single 22-6AWG solid or stranded
- 75°C/90°C Cu
Mounting - Front panel mounting with customer supplied M3 screws
- Mounting screw torque 4-5 Lb-In (0.4-0.5 N•m)