Series 15149 Fused, Dead Front Disconnect Switches

15149 Series Fused, Dead Front Disconnect Switches

Fused, dead front disconnect switches



Catalog Details

Agency Cards

Volts 600Vac
Amps 0-30A
SCCR 200kA RMS Sym.
Dielectric SCCR 2.2kV
Motor Rating 5Hp
Poles 2 to 3
Agency Information - UL Recognized, File E120756 for General Industrial Installations. Guide W6EU2.
- CSA Certified, File LR37129-6.
- Examined under the new proposed standard UL 1429 which imparts a stricter set of test conditions than the former program that combined the applicable portions for UL 512 (Fuse Holders) and UL 98 (Enclosed Switches).


  • Fuse holders in the pull-out head eliminate possibility of electric shock while changing fuse
  • Accepts Class J fuses

Ordering Information

To order, specify: 15149 + number of poles.

Example: 15149-2 = 2-pole device.

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