DIN-Rail Mount Terminal Block Overview

The Bussmann series offers a full range of single-level and two-level feed-through screw connection DIN rail terminal blocks, and knife-disconnect blocks and grounding blocks.

Many blocks are available in multiple colors for easy circuit identification, plus popular single and double-bridge shaft systems for maximum power distribution flexibility. Certifications include UL 1059, cURus, IEC 60998 and IEC 60947-7.

Complementing the product offering is a full range of insertion and screw-in bridges, marking system and other accessories.

Prodcut profile no. 3169

Full line catalog no. 1007, Section 10, Connectors

Feed-Through Terminal Blocks

Single-level feed-through terminal blocks up to 600V and 150A for wire sizes AWG 22 to 4/0 (0.5 to 95mm2).

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Grounding Terminal Blocks

Grounding terminal blocks can convert DIN rail into a grounding bar. For wire sizes AWG 26 to 4/0 (0.5 to

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Double Level Terminal Blocks

High-density connectivity using double-level terminal blocks. Marking system, side insertion bridge and top screw-in bridge are standard. Use bridges to achieve any connection topology.

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Fuse Holder Terminal Blocks

5 x 20mm Fuse holder terminal blocks protect sensors and relays. Available in lever and screw-cap style, with and without LED indication.

Uses standard Cooper Bussmann IEC and UL glass and ceramic tube fuses available in fast-acting or time-delay versions, and low or high breaking capacities.

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NDN Series

NDN Series features high-density, snap-on 35mm DIN rail compatible rail mount terminal blocks made with unique, impact resistant, one-piece thermoplastic moldings with UL 94V2 flammability ratings. Certifications include CE, UL E62622; CSA LR15364.

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Mounting Rails

A selection of rails to meet virtually all mounting needs including G Type, 15mm and, high and low 35mm DIN rails.

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Marking System

A complete Windows-based marking system for neatly labeling terminal blocks. Comprised of a plotter set, support plate and marking pen, simply program label information, insert the requisite horizontal or vertical marking label and get back neatly printed labels.

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Top screw-on, top insertion and side insertion bridges.

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Partition Plates

Partition plates for use with various terminal blocks.

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TC20CB, TC21CB, TC22CB, TC26CB, TC27CB and  TC28CB Series labels for use with DPLT-001SET Plotter Set.

Varieties include blank, and pre-printed horizontal and vertical labels in popular terminal blocked labeling schemes.

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