Double level block

The DDP30 is a two-tier feed through terminal block for space constrained applications.

It has two independent circuits, IEC60947-7 and UL1059 compliant.

Marking system, side insertion bridge and top screw-on bridge are standard.

Full line catalog no. 1007, Section 10, Connectors

CE Conformity Declaration

Drawing Downloads (PDF, STEP, SLDPRT)

DIN-Rail Terminal Block Cross Reference

Catalog Number DDP30-GY (Grey)
Volts / Amps UL - 300V / 30A
IEC - 400V / 32A
AWG (mm2)
Solid - 22~10 (0.5~4)
Flexible - 22~10 (0.5~4)
Rated Impulse
Withstand Rating
Screw / Torque
N•m (lb-in)
M2.5 / 0.5 (4.4)
Wire Strip Length - mm 6
Dimensions - mm
(W x H x D)
6.1 x 62.8 x 69.4


Description Catalog Number
End Cover
Grey DDP30-GY-ND
Side Insertion Bridges
2-pole CSC-402P
3-pole CSC-403P
4-pole CSC-404P
10-pole CSC-410P
Top Screw-on Bridges
2-pole DS4-02P
3-pole DS4-03P
4-pole DS4-04P
10-pole DS4-10P
Marking Label
Mounting Rails
32mm G-Type DRL32MMG
35mm High Prolfiel DRL35MMHI
35mm Low Profile DRL35MMLO