Arc flash relays


The arc flash relay system can measure both light and current to eliminate nuisance operation, and offers an innovative modular design that allows for simple integration into electrical assemblies, ideal for both new and retrofit installations.

Product profile no. 10958

Data sheet no. 10961

User Manuals

EAFR-101 Arc Point Sensor Relay
EAFR-102 Arc Fiber Loop Sensor Relay
EAFR-110 Current and Arc Light Sensor Relay
Arc Flash Relay Light Sensor

Catalog Number EAFR relay codes: EAFR-110P, EAFR-110F, EAFR-101, EAFR-101D, EAFR-102,
EAFR-0X arc sensors: EAFR-01-_, EAFR-06-_, EAFR-07_, EAFR-08-_
Speed As fast as 2 ms operating time
Flexibility • Easy adaptation to any switchgear and trip scheme
• Variety of arc sensors available
• Long distance possible between units
• Practically an unlimited number of units can be interconnected in one system
Reliability • Standard copper wire for communication between units
• Superior isolation levels for external disturbances - tested at the highest EMC classes
• Full internal monitoring of all system components and interconnections
Typical applications • Low voltage switchgear/switchboards
• Medium voltage switchgear
• Low/medium voltage motor control


• An innovative module system allows for simple integration into electrical assemblies
• Sensitive light inputs detect low power phase to ground arc faults
• The relay’s configurable setup offers optional system selectivity, opening the circuit breaker closest to the arc flash
• Flexible module options allow installers to choose between fiber optic loop cable and wired point sensors
• If the point sensor option is selected, the relay can be wired and tested, reducing time and labor costs

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