Supplemental Fuse Service Kits

Supplemental Fuse Service Kits

These service kits are filled with the most common fuse types and sizes for the most common applications. The compact case is organized and modified to assure  the fuses needed are kept at hand. The kit includes a fuse puller for the fuses it contains. As a bonus, all kits on this page include a free wire stripper or lineman’s pliers.

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GSK-260 260 Fuse Assortment includes GMA, MDL, AGC,GMC, MDA, ABC & test puller
MSK- 45 45 Fuse Assortment includes FNM-_, KTK-_, FNQ-_, FT-3 tester and puller & 6 in. Crescent wire stripper
NO.270 270 Fuse Assortment includes MDL-_, MDA-_, AGC-_, ABC-_, GMA-_mA, GMA-_A, GMC-_A, AGC-V-_, MDL-V-_, Pr. 4121 Fuse clips, HHB inline fuse holder, HTB-261 panel mount fuse holder, HTB-28M panel mount fuse holder &S-8202-2 Two-pole fuse block
NO.140 140 Fuse Assortment includes MDL-_, MDQ-_, MDA-_AGC-_, MTH-_, ABC-_, Pr. #4121 Fuse clips, HHB Inline fuse holder, FP-A3 Fuse puller
NO.220 220 Fuse Assortment includes GMA-_mA, GMA-_, GDA-_mA, GDA-_, GDB-_mA, GDB-_, GMC-_mA, GMC-_,GMD-_mA, GMD-_, GDC-_mA, GDC-_, HTB-28M panel mount fuse holder, Fp-A3 Fuse puller