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Comprehensive and Reliable Electrical Protection for Water/Wastewater Applications

Eaton offers the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable electrical protection, from surge protective devices and fuses to power distribution blocks and fuse holders, for every stage of water and wastewater facilities, including:

  • Water supply
  • Treatment and filtration
  • Pumping applications

Legacy of Innovation

For over 100 years, Eaton has protected people, equipment and businesses from electrical hazards with innovative products and services. We are the experts in safe system design and application. And with our Paul P. Gubany Center for High Power Technology, we offer the industry’s most comprehensive testing facilities, which is available to test your products or systems to UL and North American agency standards.

Compact Solutions

Eaton products for water and wastewater facilities are designed and engineered to save space in the panel, which translates into significant cost savings, greater flexibility and easier installation.


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Water and wastewater facilities are continually met with shifting regulatory requirements, stricter standards and new process methods. And with those changes, new technologies are implemented that reshape the way the plants and their equipment operate.

The electrical distribution system of water and wastewater facilities is subject to transient voltages from lighting and inductive load switching. With the introduction of more electronic equipment, the chances of a transient voltage-related problem further intesify.

Protecting the electrical distribution system and the equipment is imperative to keep safe, consistent, and cost-effective operations of the facility.

Eaton’s comprehensive overvoltage and overcurrent products are designed to meet the needs of the harsh industrial environment of water and wastewater facilties. We offer everything from surge protective devices and fuses to power distribution blocks and disconnect switches.

Our leading solutions for water and wasterwater facilities are backed with 100 years of innovation. Our team of experts design and engineer each product to not only enhance safety and reliability, but also reduce the footprint of the panel and simplify installation. Our solutions can save you space, time, and money--all while providing the industry’s best protection.

Whether you need protection for water treatment, pumping and filtration or water supply, Eaton has the solutions.

Where the pieces connect


Eaton offers a portfolio of solutions that are specifically tailored for water and wastewater facilities. Our products protect the variable frequency drives, control panles, programmable logic controllers, and motor control centers found throughout treatment, pumping/filtration and supply processes.

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Eaton products Variable frequency drive Control panel Programmable logic controller Motor control center Local disconnect
1 AC/DC surge protective devices X X X X  
2 Data signal surge protective devices   X X X  
3 UL branch circuit and supplemental fuses X X   X X
4 High speed fuses X X   X  
5 Fuse holders and blocks X X   X  
6 Disconnect switches X X      
7 Power distribution blocks X X   X  
8 DIN-Rail terminal blocks X X X X  
9 AC/DC safety switches


A customer in the Northeast suffered a severe loss of business due to an indirect lightning strike that entered their building through the ground and significantly compromised the data system and numerous machine tool control cabinets. As a result, they experienced 11 days of downtime and lost production in most of the facility.


At the time of the lightning strike, the electrical system was not protected with surge protective devices. Eaton was brought in to review the applications and recommend the appropriate solution to mitigate issues from transient overvoltages and indirect lightning strikes in the future. Eaton incorporated power, AC/DC control voltage and data signal surge protective devices to protect the system and, as a result, the customer has a more reliable system. Since implementing the products, no downtime has been caused by transient surge related events.


Eaton offers a comprehensive portfolio of AC and DC circuit protection solutions, and our products and services continue to expand, providing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for water and wastewater facilities, including:

  • Surge protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Disconnect switches
  • Wire management
  • Power system analysis and design
  • Arc flash hazard analysis
  • PLCs, MCCs, VFDs and control panels
  • FlashGard motor control centers
  • Medium voltage motor controls

More solutions. More expertise. Expect more.