Benefits of Bussmann circuit protection solutions

Enhanced safety

For more than 100 years, Eaton's Bussmann business has protected equipment and businesses from electrical hazards. As the experts in safe system design and application, our products are designed to help reduce exposure to live electrical components and arc flash hazards while providing high Short-Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR).

Code compliance

Whether selective coordination must be met for a place of public assembly or coordination for a healthcare facility, we have the solutions and technical expertise to help you achieve compliance easily and cost effectively.

Compact solutions

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of overcurrent and overvoltage products that protect electrical equipment. Because space is critical, our products are engineered to save space, which translates into significant cost savings, greater flexibility and easier installation.

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Commercial, healthcare and industrial facilities require reliable power distribution without compromising the safety of people or equipment. We understand that this is often a difficult result to achieve, particularly when coupled with meeting code requirements.

Eaton’s Bussmann business offers solutions that can help easily achieve code requirements such as selective coordination. What’s more, we offer technical expertise and a support structure to help achieve your project goals, whether facing new construction or  renovation.

Our comprehensive portfolio of overcurrent and overvoltage circuit protection products offers solutions that not only enhance safety and reliability, but also ensure compliance with code requirements. Additionally, many of our products boast compact sizes, helping to reduce the equipment footprint and drive down costs.

Our team of Application Engineers and Sales Engineers can recommend solutions for reducing footprint and saving installation time, all while providing the industry’s best protection. They can also guide you in the selection of products to make code compliance simple.

Circuit protection solutions that exceed expectations

Bussmann offers a portfolio of solutions for these construction market segments that include:


Stadiums, Educational facilities, Grocery stores, Retail stores, Restaurants, Office buildings, Theaters and cinemas, Fitness centers, Public service offices


Hospitals, Nursing homes, Limited care facilities, Medical clinics, Doctor offices, Dental offices, Ambulatory care centers


Chemical complexes, Pharmaceutical processing plants, Large food and beverage plants, Cement plants, Refineries, Incinerators, Ovens and kilns, Power plants, Nuclear reactor containment structures

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Quik-Spec Coordination Fusible Panelboards

  • Compact footprint up to 40% smaller than other fusible solutions
  • Ease of selective coordination in a fully-fused system using published amp ratio tables
  • Safety-focused design that includes finger-safe branches, branch fuse interlock and branch fuse amp rejection

Power Module Switch and Panel Elevator Disconnects

  • All-in-one solution allows for simple code compliance for multi-elevator applications
  • Easy to specify the right product to meet code requirements
  • Space-saving solution with a single panel for multi-elevator control
  • Completely assembled unit allows for simple, time-saving installation

CUBEFuse Safety Switches

  • Finger-safe design helps prevent exposure to live parts
  • Current-limiting CUBEFuses help reduce arc flash incident energy levels
  • Dual interlock helps prevent access
  • Optional window allows for visual verification of switch status

Circuit Protection

  • Low-Peak™ fuses offer superior current limitation to help increase SCCR and mitigate arc flash hazards
  • Fusetron™ Class RK5 fuses are on average 23% more energy efficient*
  • Finger-safe CUBEFuses minimize exposure to live parts and reduce footprint up to 70%

* Test results are based on weighted sales volume of Fusetron and Ferraz Shawmut (Mersen) fuses by selected amp and volt rating combination

Surge Protective Devices

  • Type 2 surge protection available installed in the QSCP; factory selected to match the panel voltage and wiring
  • Type 1 surge protection available for field installation on existing or new power distribution equipment
  • Optimized design for safe use and easy installation


A prominent U.S. university undertook a $30 million redesign project to renovate their campus arena into a premier sports facility. The project entailed both interior and exterior upgrades, including state-of-the-art amenities as well as additions to emergency lighting and notification systems. These upgrades impacted the normal electrical system as well as the emergency electrical system. Because the arena is a place of assembly, as defined in the NEC®, the consulting engineers needed to ensure the electrical emergency system met selective coordination requirements as mandated by the NEC®.


The consulting engineers for the project were able to work with the technical experts at Eaton’s Bussmann business and utilize the Bussmann Quik-Spec Coordination Panel (QSCP) in order to meet selective coordination requirements. With Bussmann Low-Peak fuses and the QSCP, adherence was made simple by making use of the published ratios for selective coordination. In addition to meeting code, the compact footprint made it easy to use the Bussmann 200A QSCPs to protect the system in this renovation application.


Eaton’s electrical business offers end-to-end solutions to better meet the demands of new construction projects; modernize existing infrastructure; manage energy consumption; and protect people, equipment and data. With Eaton and Cooper united, the portfolio of solutions continues to expand. Our offering of circuit protection products includes:

  • Fuses
  • Panelboards
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Circuit breakers
  • Busway
  • Medium and low voltage switchgear
  • Metering
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Uninterruptible power system
  • Control panels

More solutions. More expertise. Expect more.