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Equipment SCCR made easy

OSHA and the National Electrical Code® require sufficient short-circuit current protection for industrial control panels in the event of a short-circuit.

Eaton's OSCAR SCCR Compliance Application and SCCR Protection Suite make compliance with code and regulatory requirements easy.

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Industry’s most comprehensive medium voltage circuit protection

We’ve expanded our current-limiting medium voltage E-Rated, R-Rated and PT fuse portfolio to include a solution for virtually every medium voltage fuse application from 2.4kV to 38kV.

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Increase flexibility with one bolt pattern, in one compact footprint

New, bolt-on NH PV fuses feature common hole centers for standardizing busbar designs across the 63-400 amp range.

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Modular ferrule fuse blocks improve electrical safety

Bussmann’s modular design allows snap-together assembly for required number of poles. Optional covers permit lockout/tagout for improved safety. Available for Class CC, H(K), J and R fuses, Midget fuses and PV fuses.


FuseFinder mobile app>

FuseFinder for Android and Apple devices delivers a comprehensive cross reference tool at your fingertips.


New power distribution fuse block>

Class J fuse block incorporates power distribution capability to eliminate component count, reduce cost, and save labor and panel space.

SurgePOD HEAVY DUTY UL Type 1 Surge Protective Device

SurgePOD heavy duty SPDs>

UL Type 1 Surge Protective Devices provide overvoltage protection for commercial and industrial applications.

Fuses Made Simple

Fuses Made Simple™>

3 Tiers of protection, 4 fuse families - the easiest, fastest way to select and specify the right fuse.


New Fuse Selector Tool>

Find your branch circuit, supplemental or photovoltaic fuse based on selected attributes. Narrow search results with multiple attributes. The results link to product pages for details.