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Enhance your circuit protection and reduce inventory

Save time and increase productivity while enhancing safety and simplifying inventory – all with Bussmann™ series Low-Peak™ fuses.

Our Low-Peak Upgrade program gets all this done in three simple steps.

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Bussmann series Fuseology handbook

This just-released technical guide provides insight into what can make your electrical system safer.

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Resources to help re-establish power after winter storms

The Bussmann Division's Emergency Response Program is focused on helping communities quickly recover.

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Online tools consolidated to make doing business with us, easy

From competitor cross reference to Product Change Notifications, we’ve assembled the most typically requested information from our site into one convenient location.


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Bussmann series SPD selector>

Find the surge protective device you need based upon your overvoltage protection needs - covers power and data signal SPDs.


Understanding Selective Coordination>

The NEC® 2014 defines two levels:
- Selective Coordination for all currents
  and times
- Coordination to 0.1 second
It's important to know the difference.


FuseFinder mobile app>

FuseFinder for Android and Apple devices delivers a comprehensive cross reference tool at your fingertips.


Published works>

Technical articles written by our team of experts that advance electrical safety and code compliance.


New, Bussmann series toolbox>

Device adaptive tools and resources for selecting fuses, surge protectors, calculating arcing and available fault currents, assembly SCCR and more.


New high speed fuse app guide>

Understand the dynamics in the specification and selection process, covering high speed fuse characteristics, performance data, and application in AC and DC systems.


New high speed fuse catalog>

Covers our extensive line of compact high speed fuses, full range UL Class J, round body North American, IGBT, ferrule, British Standard and square body fuses.