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Protecting what matters most

Bussmann’s services can help improve electrical safety, reliability, protection, and code and regulation compliance with system analysis, fault current evaluation, selective coordination, arc flash hazard mitigation, equipment labeling and training.

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Enhance safety and reliability while reducing fuse inventory

The Bussmann Low-Peak™ Upgrade program leverages our ultimate protection fuses to deliver enhanced safety, improved system reliability and a simplified inventory.

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Increase flexibility with one bolt pattern, in one compact footprint

New, bolt-on NH PV fuses feature common hole centers for standardizing busbar designs across the 63-400 amp range.

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Modular ferrule fuse blocks improve electrical safety

Bussmann’s modular design allows snap-together assembly for required number of poles. Optional covers permit lockout/tagout for improved safety. Available for Class CC, H(K), J and R fuses, Midget fuses and PV fuses.


FuseFinder mobile app>

FuseFinder for Android and Apple devices delivers a comprehensive cross reference tool at your fingertips.


New power distribution fuse block>

Class J fuse block incorporates power distribution capability to eliminate component count, reduce cost, and save labor and panel space.

SurgePOD HEAVY DUTY UL Type 1 Surge Protective Device

SurgePOD heavy duty SPDs>

UL Type 1 Surge Protective Devices provide overvoltage protection for commercial and industrial applications.

Fuses Made Simple

Fuses Made Simple™>

3 Tiers of protection, 4 fuse families - the easiest, fastest way to select and specify the right fuse.


New Fuse Selector Tool>

Find your branch circuit, supplemental or photovoltaic fuse based on selected attributes. Narrow search results with multiple attributes. The results link to product pages for details.