Small Dimension (Electronic) Fuse Displays

Small Dimension (Electronic) Fuse Displays (MKE)

Edison MKE Floor Display Helps Sell Edison Fuses


  • Shelves adjust to handle just about any product.
  • Heavy-duty casters.
  • Product part number bin labels available online.
  • A fuse cross-reference guide.
  • Flexible header card.

Dimensions: 24” wide x 65” tall x 211/2” deep. Weight: 48 lbs. when empty.

ERFL & ERFS Counter Displays



  • Edison display and fuse assortments are compact. They don’t waste space. Display and storage area is minimal.
  • Slots in the display racks are all labeled for easy inventory and reorder status.
  • Display racks are solidly constructed.
  • Each assortment has the right fuse mix per actual usage. No dead inventory.