TJN (300Vac) & TJS (600Vac) Class T Fast-Acting Fuses

TJN (300Vac) & TJS (600Vac) Class T Fast-Acting Fuses

Edison Class T fuses are extremely fast-acting fuses in a compact, space saving size. These fuses are ideal as the main fuse protection for panelboards, load centers and meter stacks.



Data Sheet #1319 (TJN)

Data Sheet #1320 (TJS)

Catalog Number TJN (300V), TJS (600V)
Volts - TJN - 300Vac
- TJS - 600Vac
Amps - TJN - 1-1200A
- TJS - 1-800A
Interrupting Rating 200kA RMS Sym
Agency Approvals UL Listed, Class T, Guide JDDZ,, File E162363; CSA Certified per C22.2, No. 248.15, LR700489
TJN Self-Certified
DC Ratings
- 160Vdc (15-1200A)
- IR 20kA DC (15-600A), 100kA DC (601-1200A)



  • No intentional time-delay; opens quickly on overload.
  • Extremely current-limiting silver link construction; provides superior short-circuit component protection.


  • Recommended for protection of non-inductive loads, such as lighting and resistance heating circuits.
  • Use to protect lower interrupting rating circuit breakers when series rated with Class T fuses.
  • For motor protection, size at 300% FLA which provides short circuit protection only.