EDCC Time-Delay Class CC Fuses

EDCC Time-Delay CLASS CC Fuses

Edison EDCC Class CC fuses are extremely current-limiting fuses in a compact size.
EDCC fuses are designed specifically for the protection of small horsepower motor circuits.
Recommended sizing for most applications is 200% FLA. Refer to time-current curves for specific applications.



Data Sheet #1300

Catalog Number EDCC
Volts 600Vac
Amps 0.5 - 30A
Interrupting Rating 200kA RMS Sym
Agency Approvals UL Listed, Class CC, Guide JDDZ, File E162363; CSA Certified per C22.2, No. 248.4
UL Listed DC Rating Voltage Rating: EDCC 0.5-2.8A, 20-30A 300Vdc,- 3-15A - 150Vdc
- Interrupting Rating - 20kA DC



  • Branch circuit rated for 600Vac.
  • Time-delay for motor branch circuit protection.
  • Excellent current-limiting performance.
  • Upgrade for standard “midget” fuses.


  • Use for protection of small horsepower motor circuits or other circuits requiring small dimension, time-delay fuses.
  • Can provide Type 2 “No Damage” protection for IEC or NEMA starters/contactors.
  • For control transformer applications, refer to HCTR.