In-Line Fuse Holders for 13/32" X 1 1/2" and Class CC Fuses

In-Line Fuse Holders for 13/32" X 1 1/2" and Class CC Fuses

HEB, HET, HEY, & HEX In-Line Fuse Holders



Catalog Details

HEB Single Pole 13⁄32"" x 1 1⁄2"" Fuses: For any 13⁄32"" x 1 1⁄2"" fuse. Fuse holder rated 30A, 600V (CSA Listed 15A max.). Typical fuse types: Edison MOL MEN, MEQ and MCL. (1⁄10 -30A)
HET Single Pole 13⁄32"" x 1 1⁄2"" Fuses: A HEB- fuse holder with a permanently installed solid neutral. Easily identified by white plastic coupling nut.
HEY Double-Pole Class CC 13⁄32"" x 1 1⁄2"" Midget Fuses: Double- pole fuse holder has water-resistant, polarized design, and accepts Class CC branch circuit fuses (Edison fuse types EDCC, HCTR or HCLR, 600V or less) Particularly applicable in street lighting circuits with optional breakaway receptacle.
HEX Double-Pole Class CC 13⁄32"" x 1 1⁄2"" Midget Fuses: For any 13⁄32"" x 1 1⁄2"" fuse. Fuse holder rated 30A, 600V (CSA Listed 15A max.). Typical fuse types: Edison MOL MEN, MEQ and MCL. (1⁄10 -30A)


Watertight Fuse Protection:

HEB in-line fuse holders are water resistant and easy to install. Protect fuses in locations exposed to water, weather, corrosive fumes, salt-spray, etc. Holders are twosectioned, molded plastic. The captive nut couples the loadside section to the lineside section; compression of the o-ring when the nut is tightened forms a vapor and water resistant unit.

Double-Pole Fuse Holders For Simultaneous Non- Load-Break Disconnect of Two Conductors:

HEX and HEY units permit the fusing of two conductors. Loadside conductors can be disconnected from the lineside conductors by disengaging a captive stainless steel screw. Positive non-load-break disconnect (for non-energized circuits) provides maintenance safety. Helps prevent shock. Makes loads electrically dead. Fuse holders are polarized. They can be used for line-toline or line-to-neutral loads. Polarization prevents inadvertent reversal of loadside conductors (provides compliance with NEC® Section 240-22). Both loadside terminals are always identical; both lineside terminals are always identical.

Serve As A Non-Load-Break Disconnect:

The body of the fuse recesses within the loadside section so that it does not make electrical contact with the lineside section until the coupling nut engages the threads on the lineside section. The holder section thus provides a positive means of breaking or opening a non-energized electrical circuit for maintenance and repair.

Breakaway Receptacles For Impact Seperation:

Are available as an option with fuse holders. Ideally suited for breakaway lighting standards as required by state and federal highway commissions). Receptacle consists of a female terminal jacketed in an integral rubber insulating sleeve, and an external wire/cable terminal. The female terminal tightly mates with a lineside, solid, copper rod terminal (symbol “W”) of the fuse holder. The insulating sleeve also insulates the body of the lineside section of the fuse holder. Should the holder be subjected to an undue pull, it will separate from the lineside, Breakaway receptacle and become electrically dead. Separating the holder and receptacle on a non-engergized circuit facilitates repair/maintenance.

Solid “W” Terminals Mate With Breakaway Receptacles:

A solid copper “rod” terminal must be used on the line-side of a fuse holder when holder is equipped with a breakaway receptacle. This solid rod terminal mates with the internal female terminal(s) of the breakaway receptacle. The letter “W” in the catalog number of the fuse holder designates this type terminal.

Crimp And Set-Screw Terminals:

Crimp and setscrew type terminals are available for copper conductors.

Insulating Boots Save Installation Time:

Boots come in two configurations - for single conductor and the “Y” type for two conductors. Fit all Edison in-line fuse holders. Designed to snugly fit over conductor insulation. Fits to wire by cutting off tapered tip. Diameter of conductor insulation cannot exceed 0.450". Inside of boots are treated with silicone to facilitate drawing of wire. Boots come as a standard item with breakaway receptacles. They are optional and must be ordered separately for fuse holders without breakaway receptacles. When boots are utilized, extra heat retention requires that fuses are sized at a minimum of 200% of the RMS load current.

“Tap-Off” Connections:

Fuse holders with terminal accepting two conductors can be used as a tap-off connector. Saves cost and manhours.