Adapter for DIN and American Rails

Adapter for DIN and American Rails

DRA-1 & DRA 2 DIN American Rail Adapters



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  • Edison DIN rail adapters permit secure, positive snap-on mounting of Edison 0 to 30 amp fuse blocks (one-, two-, or three-pole) on various size rails. (rail mounting eliminates costly and time consuming drilling, tapping, and screw mounting.)
  • Molded from Lexan® 141.
  • Adapter mechanically locks into mounting hole of fuse block in seconds to become an integral part of the block.
  • One adapter is required for Edison one- and two-pole blocks. Two adapters are required for three-pole blocks.
  • With the exception of the 32mm DIN rail, all blocks with adapters can be removed from a rail simply by pulling up its release tab.
  • Use of rail end-stops on both sides of adapters is recommended.