Fuse taps and add-a-fuses for blade fuses

Fuse taps fit over an existing blade fuse leg for an additional non-fused circuit. Includes crimp-on connector that attaches easily to the power lead for electronic gear.

Add-a-fuses converts blade fuses into fusible circuits. Inserts into ATC, ATM, ATM-LP or ATR fuse block.


Part numbering system:

Boxed units (packed one per box) XXX
Retail packs (packed one per pack) BP/XXX-RP
Bulk packs (packed 500 or 1000 per box) BK/XXX

Fuse TAPs and add-a-fuses

Part no. Retail pack Boxed (1 ea) Bulk pack Maximum amps per circuit Leadwire Description
ATM-TAP X   1,000 n/a n/a ATM non-fused, fuse tap
ATC-TAP X   1,000 n/a n/a ATC non-fused, fuse tap
HHH X   500 Main 30A/Add 10A
5"/#16 ATM add-a-fuse
HHA X   500 Main 30A/Add 10A 5"/#16 ATC add-a-fuse
HHLP X   500 Main 30A/Add 10A 5"/#16 ATM-LP (low-profile) add-a-fuse
HHTR X   500 Main 30A/Add 10A 5"/#16 ATR (2-blade micro fuse) add-a-fuse


BP/ATM-TAP- Fuse Tap


BP/HHH - Fuse Holders




Blade Fuse Taps- ATM & ATC


BP/HHA - Fuse Holders