Business Units

The Eaton manufactures and markets a wide variety of electrical overcurrent and overvoltage protection products, along with the related products, accessories and services needed for their successful application.

Electrical Solutions

Eaton solutions include North American and European-styled fuses, fused panelboards, disconnects, power distribution blocks, accessories and other products for global applications. Eaton also provides engineering, training and testing services focused on downtime reduction, workplace safety and code compliance for MRO, OEM, construction and contractor sectors.

Consumer Solutions

Eaton offers fusible circuit protection and accessories for the automotive aftermarket, and hardware and homecenter markets.


Blade fuses, glass tube fuses, fusible links and limiters, circuit breakers, fuse holders and blocks, flashers, battery separators and isolators and accessories. Eaton also provides a wide range of niche products for foreign cars and special applications.

Hardware, homecenter

Plug fuses, box cover units, cartridge fuses, appliance and electronic fuses and accessories.