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What if a fuse gave engineers 70% more room to think?

Our Bussmann series CUBEFuse is helping make increasingly intelligent and complex system designs possible with innovative fusible circuit protection in a 70% smaller package.

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Modular ferrule fuse blocks improve electrical safety

Eaton's modular block design allows snap-together assembly for required number of poles. Optional covers permit lockout/tagout for improved safety. Available for Class CC, H(K), J and R fuses, Midget fuses and PV fuses.

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Increase flexibility with one bolt pattern, in one compact footprint

New, bolt-on NH PV fuses feature common hole centers for standardizing busbar designs across the 63-400 amp range.

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Equipment SCCR made easy

OSHA and the National Electrical Code® require sufficient short-circuit current protection for industrial control panels in the event of a short-circuit.

Eaton's OSCAR SCCR Compliance Application and SCCR Protection Suite make compliance with code and regulatory requirements easy.


Eaton develops and manufactures critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products designed to provide innovative circuit and power electronics protection, serving the commercial, data center, electrical vehicle, food and beverage, and other markets.

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Battery Equalizers

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Battery Equalizers and DC-DC Converters from low to high output current capabilities (2.5 amps to 100 amps).

SurgePOD HEAVY DUTY UL Type 1 Surge Protective Device


UL Type 1 Surge Protective Devices provide overvoltage protection for commercial and industrial applications.