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OSHPD Pre-Approved Seismic Bracing Guidelines

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OSHPD OPM-0052-13 for Seismic Bracing of MEP & Fire Sprinkler Systems

Eaton's Tolco seismic bracing and B-Line series strut, pipe hangers and more are included in Eaton's catalog for OSPHD OPM-0052-13 preapproval for California Building Code (CBC) 2013 & 2016.   The catalog includes a wide variety of preapproved assemblies that can help reduce your project review time for OSHPD and DSA for health facility and education construction projects.

OSHPD OPM-0052-13 Preapproval Catalog

  • Solutions for attachment of TOLCO seismic bracing to single hung pipe utilizing B-Line series hangers
  • Attachment of TOLCO seismic bracing to B-Line series strut trapeze supported pipe, duct and cable tray
  • Options for concrete attachment, including poured in place and post installed anchors
  • Multiple solutions for structural attachments to steel I-beam, bar joist, wood and concrete with Tolco seismic bracing attachments, and pre-engineered solutions