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Firestop System

Fire barrier pillows, pads, sealant, composite sheets, quick pass, putty stix, & pads


Cooper B-Line Firestop Products -
Fire Barrier Pillows, Pads, Sealant, Composite Sheets, Quick Pass, Putty Stix & Pads

3M Fire Barrier Self-Locking Pillows

This product will intumesce and lock tightly into place eliminating the prep work of cutting or leaving any messy debris. The resulting barrier retards the transmission of smoke, fire, and toxic gases from spreading between adjacent rooms and floors for the rated time period.


  • Extremely easy to install - saves time and labor
  • UL Listed systems up to 540 sq. in. opening
  • Up to three-hour UL Listed F-Rating
  • Easy removal and fully reusable - with no blocking or fusing of materials
  • No cutting required, no left over debris
  • Passes hose stream test without cumbersome wire mesh
  • Smoke seal tested and listed
  • One (1) or two (2) cable trays per opening