4Dimension Overview video

Learn how 4Dimension Strut System can help you save time and money!



Innovative Features

  • Profiles with two-sided and four-sided functionality
  • Superior strength, lighter weight for improved performance
  • Modular design provides versatility
  • SH hole accepts 5/8" hardware
  • Innovative fitting solutions with virtually hundreds of possibilities
  • Ideal for new and retrofit applications
  • Meets or exceeds MFMA standards


Lowest total cost solution

  • Up to 50% reduction in installation time for trapeze applications
  • Up to 50% reduction in material cost in many applications
  • Helps save space and weight by fully utilizing multiple sides for ease and flexibility of installation
  • Functional replacement for back to back strut system, with considerable cost, time, and material savings
  • Compatible with most traditional fittings and accessories
  • Multi-side design reduces complexity of higher cost fittings required for many applications


Contractors & installers saved time, material & space with 4Dimension Strut

Below are just a few examples of how others have saved. To learn how you can save time, materials, and space with 4Dimension strut, contact your local representative.