Technical Papers and Test Results

Technical Paper Series

Welcome to our Technical Paper Series, a series of white papers providing detailed information and solutions for a variety of application issues.  

New papers will be added regularly, so be sure to check back often or contact us directly if you have a technical question we have not answered.

Issue Number Issue Description Posted
WPSSS-17 Lowering your total installed cost through structural steel savings 7/10/17
4DWP-16 4Dimension Strut System White Paper 9/9/16
DBLR-15 Defining branch line restraints
BLTPS-20 Best Practices for Cable Management in Raised Floors 7/7/09
DCSWP-01 Driving Data Center Efficiency Through the Adoption of Best Practices 7/17/08
BLTPS-19 Hexavalent vs. Trivalent Chromates 8/7/06
BLTPS-18 T-Nut Grounding System 12/15/05
BLTPS-17 Ringless Metering: CT Metering 11/8/05
BLTPS-16 Continuous Rating of Meter Socket Jaws 12/15/05
BLTPS-15 Ringless Metering: Non-Lever Bypass 11/8/05
BLTPS-12 Non-Metallic Cable Tray - Performance at Elevated Temperatures 5/11/04
BLTPS-11 Non-Metallic Cable Tray - Weathering Considerations 5/11/04
BLTPS-08 Cable Tray Use at Low Temperatures 1/5/04
BLTPS-07 NEMA Ratings For Electrical Enclosures 1/5/04
BLTPS-06 Understanding Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) Designations 9/26/03
BLTPS-05 Ring vs. Ringless Style Metering 8/27/03
BLTPS-04 Aluminum vs. Hot-Dipped Galvanized Tray 4/11/03

Zinc Whiskers - What are they / how do we deal with them?

BLTPS-02 Cable Tray Selection – Choosing the Proper Support Spacing 3/6/03
BLTPS-01 Cable Tray Use at High Temperatures 3/6/03