Seismic Bracing & Restraints

When seismic forces are exerted on a building and its contents during an earthquake, these forces act horizontally upon the structure itself as well as the piping, cable trays, ductwork and other building systems within.  Typical supports are designed for the gravity or vertical loads but do not take into account the horizontal loading caused by earthquakes.  Seismic restraints resist the horizontal forces and keep the systems in place and secure.

B-Line seismic restraint systems are designed to resist seismic loading while minimizing installation time and providing superior performance.

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Eaton's B-Line Business is proud to announce Los Angeles City approval on our Seismic Bracing components for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems.  Click here to view and download the Los Angeles Research Report LARR#25949.

This catalog is designed to be helpful to engineers and contractors in the application and selection of pipe hangers, supports and seismic bracing for construction and maintenance.