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Cooper B-Line offers a full line of Seismic Zone 4 Cabinets, customizable with a variety of doors, side panels, top panels and bottom panels.

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Seismic Zone 4 (E2Z4) Cabinets

Today's competitive electronic enclosure market requires cost effective products that deliver superior performance and usability. To that end, Cooper B-Line developed the V-LINE cabinet platform tosupport the growing need for a competitively priced solution.

Many innovative features are designed into the V-LINE platform, offering valuable benefits for users. The heart of the system, the cabinet frame, has standard features such as fully adjustable mounting angles with RMU markings, removable and replaceable cable entry plates, and leveling feet. The frame can be fitted with a range of options including solid or vented side panels, a variety of door styles, and top or bottom panels. The V-LINE cabinet features excellent aesthetic characteristics and is built to the high quality standard our customers have come to expect over the years from Cooper B-Line.

All of these features, good looks and high quality are offered at a competitive price point, making the V-LINE cabinet an excellent choice for anyone needing to house data communications equipment while watching the bottom line.

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V-Line Cabinets

V-Line Aisle Containment

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