Vibration Isolation


Eaton offers one of the broadest ranges of products to meet your facility sub-systems, including seismic bracing and restraints, pipe hangers, cable tray, fasteners and vibration isolation solutions.

Along with reliable, quality products that deliver lower total installed cost, Eaton provides a full turn-key solution with engineering services before, during and through inspection.

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Vibration Isolation Product Overview

Spring Hangers

  • Available in a wide range of sizes and finishes, seismically rated and select products with OSHPD Pre-Approval
  • Available in various spring rated deflection
  • Housing engineered to carry up to five times the maximum load without failure
  • Pre-compression rod furnished with all “R” option units

Vibration Isolation Pads

  • Various sizes and thickness and materials, to isolate equipment and panel boards form vibration
  • Non-skid: Thread surfaces resist walking
  • Durable: Material is ozone resistant Neoprene rubber blend and cork
  • Easy cut pad can be field adjusted to varying sizes, custom fit sizes on the job site

Isolator Mounts

  • Seismically rated and avail¬able in a wide range of sizes and configurations, custom sizes are available for any type of equipment
  • Available in OSHPD pre-approved design
  • All OS Type isolator/restraints feature large diameter springs with O.D. not less than 80% of rated deflection height
  • Available in multi-spring low profile design
  • Multiple equipment attach¬ment options
  • Light duty mounts available for more economical designs