Catalog Number 69, 69-3/8-L, 69-1/2-L, 69-5/8-L, 69-3/4-L


  • To offer more secure fastening of various types of beam clamps to beam where danger of movement might be expected. NFPA 13 requires the use of retaining straps with all beam clamps installed in earthquake areas. Satisfies requirements of NFPA 13 (1999) 6-4.7.1.
  • UL listed in the USA and Canada
  • Approved for use with any listed beam clamp
  • Approved by the State of California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD)
  • For additional load, spacing and placement information relating to OSHPD projects, please refer to the Cooper B-Line Seismic Restraint Systems Guidelines.
  • Size Range - 3/8" - 7/8" rod by 4" - 16" length.