Rigid Bracing System Attachments

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Rigid Bracing System

Offering a wide range of TOLCO rigid seismic bracing attachements


When it comes to seismic rigid bracing system attachments for pipe, duct, cable tray or any trapeze hung system, Cooper B-Line’s TOLCO™ seismic bracing products lead the industry with innovative solutions to help reduce installation time.  Our patented attachment designs are utilized to help provide protection against movement in both tension and compression. 

With fewer required attachment points, our rigid bracing attachments dramatically reduce installation time as well as reducing the number of stress points on the structure itself.  It also reduces the opportunity for collision with other systems, making coordination with other trades using the BIM process easier.

For seismic information, contact our B-Line Seismic Department.

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Components for rigid earthquake brace assemblies, including attachment to pipe and trapeze.