Seismic Engineering Services

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Seismic Engineering Services

For support pre-bid to inspection, rely on Eaton.

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Don’t leave your seismic compliance to chance.
Rely on Eaton support from pre-bid to inspection.

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Pre-bid to System Design Support

Codes and seismic requirements can differ from location to location and project to project. Our seismic experts understand the codes and can help support customers in the pre-bid process.

In fact, the earlier our customers engage us in the process, the earlier we can start reviewing the project to provide a solution that complies with the building code and project specifications.

Our knowledgeable team will also work to find the lowest installed cost solution through the utilization of our labor-saving seismic bracing products.

Product and Installation Support

Our seismic experts will work to establish the lowest total installed cost, so that customers can know that they have the right products at the right time for their installation and inspection.

Eaton’s TOLCO seismic bracing products inherent labor and time-saving features are designed to help speed the process of installation. Many of the TOLCO seismic bracing products allow for universal applications, reducing the number of SKU’s required on the job-site. And with built-in visual verification features of the TOLCO seismic bracing products, the installer can be assured that they have properly installed the product, and inspectors can easily be assured of correct installation torque without the use of a torque wrench.

Inspection and After Sale Support

B-Line’s seismic experts are available before, during and after the sale. And at the most critical point of the project, B-Line is available to support the project with on-site visits and inspection support.

Tools and Resources

TOLBrace Fire Protection software

  • Step- by- step zone of influence calculation program that walks the user through all the requirements of NFPA 13.
  • Self-correcting program that generates a submittal sheet with all seismic brace components identified with correct design loads, along with a detail drawing of the seismic brace assembly including the structural attachment.
  • Essential software provides the fire sprinkler designer with a complete zone of influence calculation solution.

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