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Product specifications, compliance certifications, delivery status and more


Does B-Line comply with MSS (Manufacturers Standardization Society)?
Yes, we comply with the current MSS Standard of MSS-SP-58-2009

What information does B-Line need to quote a seismic job?
Pipe, conduit and/or duct layout drawings
Project Specifications
1st page of the structural drawings (Also known as the S1 drawing)
Please submit your quote request here.

Where does B-Line ship its material from?
Materials ship from three primary locations:

  • Fontana, CA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Highland, IL

My TOLCOTM OSHPD Catalog is dated 2003. Is it still valid?
No, it is not valid. The current OSHPD OPM-0052-13 Catalog is valid for California Building Code (CBC) 2013 and CBC 2016. Please contact our B-Line Technical Services department for further details at (800) 786-5266, or e-mail us at

Does B-Line have a more up-to-date version of its Pre-Approved Seismic Bracing Guidelines?
Yes, it is stamped by California OSHPD, and complies with the International Building Code. View the guidelines here.

Do B-Line fire protection products meet NFPA 13 Requirements?
Yes, many of our products are UL Listed and FM Approved. They are intended to be installed per NFPA 13 guidelines. Please refer to our catalog for more detailed information.

How can I obtain the TOLBraceTM Fire Protection Seismic Bracing Software?
Please contact our Technical Services or Customer Service departments at (800) 786-5266, or e-mail us at

Does B-Line provide engineering support or structural calculations on its custom built supports?
Yes. B-Line will provide engineering support or work with your own engineer to produce stamped calculations of load capacity as well as seismic or wind-related loads.

Does B-Line provide services such as engineering and post-installation inspection for seismic bracing projects?
Yes. We can provide services from the bidding phase all the way through post-installation, if needed. Email our Seismic Bracing department for more information at

What type of quality assurance certification does B-Line have?
B-Line is certified by Bureau Veritas to be compliant with ISO 9001:2008. We also hold specific agency approvals such as the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and National Security Technologies, LLC, (a DOE Contractor for Managing Nevada Nuclear facilities).

Does B-Line products comply with the material requirements of the Buy American Act and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA)?
B-Line manufactures many of its products in our US manufacturing facilities from both domestic and non-domestic materials. Please consult our Technical Services department for specific product details. In many cases, we can supply certification of compliance upon request.

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