Electrical Rough In Pre-Fab System from Ruff-IN

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Labor Saving Solutions

RAPID RING™ with ArrowLink™ wiring devices installs in as little as 15 seconds

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Basic Ruff-IN™

Innovative components providing versatility & quality for electrical commercial installation projects


Whether you run your own pre-fab shop or simply want maximum project control, Basic Ruff-IN can provide a profitable solution that perfectly suits your operation. Keep control of your project, keep your crew working and garner the cost- and time-saving benefits of pre-fab with Basic Ruff-IN assemblies. For more information, view our Ruff-IN catalog.

Ruff-IN electrical prefabrication solutions ensure:

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Shorter lead times
  • UL-approved assemblies
  • Innovative, versatile designs
  • Many tool-less installation products

Ruff-IN Products

Ruff-IN prefabrication products are designed for efficiency and broad compatibility -- within or without a Ruff-IN pre-fab system. Our complete line of rough-in wiring products provides everything you need for a cutting-edge pre-fab solution that will make you more competitive.

Featured Product

Rapid Ring™ Self-Adjusting Pre-Fab Ring

Win tight bids and beat the profit squeeze with our revolutionary Rapid Ring self-adjusting pre-fab ring. Installing in as little as 15 seconds with 4 easy steps, Rapid Ring can compress your project schedule, yield significant time savings and help you increase your profits.

BB70 Box Support Bracket

The unique interlocking design of the BB70 box support bracket & BB70E bracket extender increases the rigidity of the system.  Its patent pending design adjusts to stud depths of 2.5” to 6 inches using these two parts, greatly reducing the complexity for stock locations and job-site installation. The bracket is compatible with Rapid Ring™ pre-fab ring, adjustable plaster rings, the BBFS-18 floor stand and the BBCC cable containment clip.

BB7-16 / BB7-24 Open Box Mounting Bracket

The new rigid BB7-16 and BB7-24 open box mounting bracket provides job-site flexibility with a unique design that allows for modification to fit non-standard stud centers.  This patent pending bracket supports most U.S. boxes and plaster rings; and is compatible with the Rapid Ring™ pre-fab ring, adjustable plaster ring and the BBFS-18 floor stand.

Telescoping Box Mounting Bracket and Accessories

The B-Line series telescoping box mounting bracket and box mounting clip allow for pre-fabrication of the box assembly which helps reduce time on job sites. The bracket features a unique flange end that can mount multiple box depths beyond the standard 2 1⁄8" deep boxes. The bracket has increased rigidity to help withstand drywall installation.